Option 1 £15 per clean- Sign up to Gocardless, on the homepage of this site. Its quick and simple and in doing so your bill will never rise, you will also never need to remember to pay the bill. The majority of customers use this method. Click here to Sign up, scroll down to the box and fill in your details.

Option 2 £20 per clean – Cash, paying the window cleaner when you see him. *remember to always get your slip signed and the window cleaners name printed as proof of payment if you don’t pay your second clean we will not clean your property a third time. we may cancel your property from our database.

Option 3 £20 per clean – Cheque,  you can send us a cheque to “94 Thingwall Rd, Liverpool, L15 7LA. Make the cheque payable to “fresh Outlook” *remember to write your address & mobile number on the back of the cheque.

Option 4 £20 per clean – Paypal, send your payment via PayPal to “info@iwantcleanwindows.co.uk” *remember to leave your address in the notes.

Option 5 £20 per clean – Bacs/Internet banking using our sort code: 09-01-29 account number: 00916981 Ref: Use your address.