How Gocardless works

TO START PAYING WITH GOCARDLESS (This takes 3 minutes & only needs doing once)

        1. Click onto our website, WWW.IWANTCLEANWINDOWS.CO.UK and scroll to “pay with Gocardless” button.
        1. Fill in the box with your address postcode and mobile number & click the button under it tilted “pay with Gocardless”
        1. Fill in the form. you will need your sort code, account number & E-mail
        1. We will then get your request for our window cleaning service and will commence cleaning within 7 days
        1. On the morning of the clean, you will receive a text from us, alerting you to leave access to the rear of property open, providing You did leave your mobile number when you signed up.
      1. You will return from work one day and your windows and frames will be sparkling

**NOTE** If you have done this already you don’t need to do it again. In the case we can’t make it to your property no charge will be made and you will not occur a charge. This is not an automatic direct debit.