Window Cleaner Liverpool 

Book your Window Cleaner every 4 weeks now

3 Bed house or smaller – Only £18 

4 Bed House or bigger – Only £24

It’s half price if you want Front windows only

Block management or commercial customer?


Step 1, Read this

  • We visit your property every 4 weeks
  • You will receive a text, alerting you’re due to be cleaned.
  • Frames and sills always included. Every time. 
  • We charge only for what we do, if we only clean the fronts you will only be charged for fronts. E.g if we didn’t turn up due to a van breaking down you would never be charged.

Step 2, Check the prices

  The prices are above

 You are not charged until the work is done.


Step 3, Enter mobile then click blue button

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Window Cleaner Liverpool are available to do just a one off clean. You will need to ring or text on 07597744368 or you can e-mail us at [email protected] to book us in.

The cost for a one off window clean, start from £35. 

* please understand a busy times, we may not be able to take on any one-off cleans

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