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Window Cleaner Liverpool

2022 Prices

  • Family run
  • £17 per clean.
  • Every 4 weeks on the same day. Your first clean will be within 14 days.
  • Minimum 6 cleans.
  • The first Clean will be £25.
  • Prices for front only will be 50% of prices shown.
  • Frames and sills are always included. Every time. 
  • We always post a slip for you after each clean.
  • If you already have your window cleaned by ourselves please ignore the prices once you sign up the payments as automatic for the same price as you’re already paying.
  • If your are looking for a one off clean we charge £35 you can book this in by ringing/texting us.

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if you have the name of the operator that gave you a flyer please make sure to note it after your mobile number