Window cleaner Merseyside

Shane started working with me in 2015 we’ve been through the highs and lows but I’ve never met anyone that works as hard as this guy. A devoted father an amazing provider he has my upmost respect and I would never ever want to not have him by my side. 

Silver van

White van

Silver Van citron

Little black car 


Eddy and his team are very efficient - from Quote through to attending to thoroughly clean the windows inside and out, the process was excellent.
Window Cleaning team

We have invested heavily in our set up, why? because no matter how good we are at Window Cleaning it will never be as good as the quality of the purified water that we use to clean your windows. At the base our water goes through the three stage set up, before being collected and held in a sanitised Storage vat.

We then have a series of pumps that will deliver this to each van to fill up. Most Window Cleaners can only produce enough for the days work which means they have to conserve water. Window Cleaner Liverpool however has unlimited supply of this precious liquid. Meaning we come and clean your windows with more water, which intern results in a much better job.

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