The services we provide across Liverpool

Q. Can I pay cash for my window clean

A. Our goal is to be a 100% direct debit based window cleaning company. We are a family run business, we have children and we are family-oriented. We do not wish to spend our nights on the streets collecting after hours. This keeps us regular, reliable, Professional. This also takes out the hassle of remembering to keep cash around for us, disturbing you at tea time.

We can take cash as payment but we would require you to pay in advance before any clean is to take place.

Q. What is included in the price?

A. Panes, Frames, Sills, UPVC doors. Front, back, and sides. If we can’t gain access to the back it will be only 50% of the normal charge. We will only clean wooden or painted doors at your request. We dont recommend it.

Q. My back gate is locked, how will you clean the rear windows to my property?

A. We won’t clean the rear if any climbing or ladders are needed for access. However, we will text you at the beginning of the working day at 7AM to leave access to the rears unlocked. If you forget to unlock your gate, we can not return as we will be in a different area code each day of the week.

You will only be charged for the fronts if we can only do the fronts.


Do I have to have the windows cleaned every 4 weeks?

A. Yes, we do not offer any other frequency. After 4 weeks you will notice dirt on your windows by the time of  8 weeks, who wants dirty windows even for the smallest of time. the cleaning needed is a lot more demanding.

Q. Do you offer Gutter Cleaning

A. Yes, we offer gutter cleaning, cleaning the outside of the gutters, along with the Sofits and fascias. We also offer gutter clearance & unblocking the downpipes too.

Q. Do you cover my area?

A. If your Postcode Begins with L, WA or CH we can clean your property, *more work in that area may be required for a sustainable service.

Q. Can I choose the day I get my windows cleaned?

A. No, unfortunately not. We go into a specific area at 7 AM and we attend all jobs in that area on that day. If you require a specific day we cannot accommodate this request. If you request we only clean when you are in, this is also a request we do not accept. We have a strict system to help us stay punctual and our attendance rate high.

Q. I have lead design stuck on to my windows, will this cause an issue?

A. No, our equipment will not cause any issue or damage to lead strips or designs, however, we have seen cheap installs made with underperforming glue/ lead that twists and bends & eventually falls off. This will happen if you have a window cleaner or not if the product is not right in the first place. We hold no responsibility for lead damage. NOTE: Window cleaners using chamois or scrims will damage the lead, we no longer use this method.

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